Chinese Zodiac Sheep – Years, Compatibility, Calendar

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  • Sign: Sheep
  • Trine: Fourth
  • Yin Yang: Yin
  • Fixed Element: Fire
  • Highly Compatible: Pig, Horse., Rabbit
  • No compatibility: Ox

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General Characteristics

Sheep, because of its white color, considered as a pure animal. For the people having sheep as their zodiac sign are also considered to be purest by heart. They are shy and very emotional and stay stressed all the time. They like being complimented from others and would love it if someone says something nice to them. They will hide their feelings and would not tell anyone about it. Because of their nice and calm nature they trust everyone and are easily trusted by everyone. They are highly sensitive and would cry if anything bad is said about them. Extreme emotions are in their nature; it is harder for them to control their emotions. They can’t be happy on their own. If they are encountered in sad situation, they require someone to come and cheer them up. They observe each and everything about who likes them and who hates them. They get hesitated in tough situations and require help otherwise, they will stay in stress. They want people to understand their feelings by their actions and don’t like sharing them. They are of calm and gentle nature and really like to be in care of others and want others to love them. They have faith in one religion and are really fond of quiet living. They get easily confused about life and feel unsecure if not cared well.


Politeness is filled in their blood. They can be really loving and enjoy having company of their friends and family. They would really care about their friends and family and would put all their efforts in helping them in any situation in any way possible. They like having fun with their loved ones and having them around is really enjoyable for them. Because of their shyness, they become extra centre of attention of everyone around them. They are of polite and calm nature and avoid any kind of violent. Their way of communicating with others is highly graceful and lovely.


Living life by themselves is really confusing for them so they rely on others too much. They don’t know how to enjoy alone. They care about what others say or think about it as ultimate truth. They don’t have any self courage. When they are upset or down they can’t pick themselves up. They are shy of sharing their problems and like to live quietly. They are moody and can get extremely emotional if a bad thing is said about them. They try to live for others rather than for themselves.

Things to consider by Sheep:

You should not be so dependable on others. Try to do things by yourself and you should not be so much emotional about what others may say to you. You should be self confident and really should stick to what you think is good for you. Don’t live your life for making others happy, do what makes you happy.  It is ok to listen to others sometimes but listening to others all the time is not the way to live life it is called slavery and you are born independent so you should live independently. It is your life not theirs, live it by your rules.

Years of the Sheep


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