Chinese Zodiac Monkey – Years, Compatibility, Calendar

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  • Sign: Monkey
  • Trine: First
  • Yin Yang: Yang
  • Fixed Element: Metal
  • Highly Compatible: Sheep, Rat, Dragon, Rabbit
  • No compatibility: Tiger

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General Characteristics

People having monkey as their zodiac sign are highly self appreciators and would show little interest in others. They would never like someone else getting up from them. They are highly talented and will somehow find a solution to their problems. They are not quitters and like to get the job done efficiently. They are extremely helpful and put their own assignment on side to help others. They are eager to gain knowledge and have passion to increase their knowledge. They remember everything because of their excellent memory. They don’t like to be stopped when they are presenting their knowledge and don’t like standing back in expressing themselves. When a task is assigned to them, they show high creativity in it and will try to present it more beautifully. They will perform their task with passion and love. They give their best to increase the quality of work they are providing. They like to travel and are passionate about sports.


Optimism is the key feature about the people having monkey as their zodiac sign. They are people who avail any opportunity given to them and would take remarkable solution for tough situations. They have magnetic personality which will attract others towards them. They never back down from a situation no matter how tough it gets. No matter how much difficult the task become, they find solution for it. They have well developed mind which increases their intelligence resulting in making them clever and genius. They learn things quickly and would soon get use to it with perfection. They can easily get the job done with efficiency and perfection and their passion about doing work makes them highly creative at the things they do.


At some moments they may become selfish and would think about the things that matter to them and their actions can be extremely annoying sometimes. They tend to give little respect to others and would think and treat others like they are lower than them and would have high respect for themselves like they are above of all the others. They get discouraged when something is suddenly putted on them to work on. They can be highly aggressive sometimes and can speak harsh words. They get arrogant and proud on themselves about anything they did.

Things to consider by Monkey:

If you could only control your attitude and pride people will love to get closer to you and will love even more to work with you. Just try to control what you speak as it can cause serious harm to someone and can hurt their feelings. Don’t be arrogant and selfish; think about others it would help you in time of need so try to be caring. It will rise up the respect of yours in sights of others and will eventually result in getting you the respect you wanted. You have great mind and by working in group you can make some masterpieces.  If you be patient and stay calm, you can get more success that you already have.

Years of the Monkey


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