Chinese Zodiac Rooster – Years, Compatibility, Calendar

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  • Sign: Rooster
  • Trine: Second
  • Yin Yang: Yin
  • Fixed Element: Metal
  • Highly Compatible: Dragon, Ox, Snake
  • No compatibility: Rat, Rabbit


General Characteristics

People having rooster as their zodiac sign are considered to be really honest and would like doing their work with enthusiasm and with full passion. They like to give the assigned task on time and won’t lie about things. They speak the truth no matter what the situation is you will always find them having passion about what they do. In crowd, you will notice that they are different from others because of their shining character; you will see them brighter than others. Usually you will find rooster to have two different characters either they can be so much talkative or you will find them observer. It is not easy to deal with anyone of them because of their cunning character. They have high respect for themselves and rarely listen to what others say to them. They like to give lectures to others but won’t like listening to other’s lecture. They like their things in a well mannered way and avoid improper schedule. If they organize a routine they will try their best to follow one. They don’t let any opportunity slip easily and will try to avail it as quickly as possible. They give their best to achieve their goals and go higher in their career. They have positive character and look at an aspect with positive way.


Highly active character of them likes to stay busy rather than lying on bed. They like to keep things neat and in a proper way. They like to live in an organized manner and like to do work. They like to keep their minds busy in important stuff rather than wasting time. They like to get the job done perfectly and like to complete the assigned task as accurate as possible. They wear clothes and accessories in a well mannered way and you would find them in a sophisticated and well dressed. They like being honest in every aspect of life, in their work and also when talking to someone. They don’t like long stories and like talking point to point.


The negative character developed in them is that they will always think that what they are saying or doing is right and all the others are wrong. They have unstable emotions. Change in their emotions would rise to peak and will gradually decrease. They don’t like listening to what others say to them. They don’t think about the profit they can get from what others are saying all they think is that the decision they made themselves is correct. They are also narrow minded and don’t see things in bigger view.

Things to consider by Roosters:

Every person has some flaw, always remember that when you think that you can’t be wrong. May be the person who is providing you some knowledge is right. Try to take help from others experiences because time is a great teacher. Don’t be eccentric and try to control your arrogance. This way you can be great in work place and also in relations.

Years of the Rooster


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