Chinese Zodiac Dog – Years, Compatibility, Calendar

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  • Sign: Dog
  • Trine: Third
  • Yin Yang: Yang
  • Fixed Element: Metal
  • Highly Compatible: Rabbit, Horse, Tiger, Sheep, Pig
  • No compatibility: Dragon, Ox

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General Characteristics

People born in the year of dog are honest and straight forward. They like to say things as they see it and cannot stand lie. If they hate something they will just be straightforward about it that they don’t like it – they won’t think about others then. They always work according to their mood. If they are in an active mood they will perform their job with perfection, if they are not in mood then you will find them the laziest person that you could probably know. They like to live a simple life and can easily get mixed up with anybody and can be really likeable. They like living in their own fantasy and are very unrealistic. They don’t trust people openly and you have to earn their confidence. They are highly intelligent and like to take a deep thought about a situation, then after their own calculations they act according to it. They can get angry really quick and their anger wears off quickly. They like to live fairly and like to have justice in all aspects of their life. They are highly loyal and loyalty and honesty, both means a lot to them in their life. They like getting things done as fair as possible and expect others to be honest with them also. They are fearless and do not get scared of a tough situation easily and will put their best efforts to find a solution to harsh situations. 


To the people born in dog year, honesty comes first in everything and they prefer to do things which have justice and are fair. They don’t like doing things which are not legal and against rules. They give their best to get justice in their life and very fair. They are not betrayers and can be trusted with anything. They never give up on completing the task they have been assigned because when they start a work they like to get it finished. They do anything to keep their words and to gain trust of others. They are so passionate about justice that they don’t even like the people doing unfair things and not having justice. They are fair and wise people.


A bad character developed in them is that they can get angry quickly and can say really harsh words. They are probably known for their straight forwardness. This characteristic is probably found more in woman. They care about their ego more than anything. They think of the things that are not possible and can never occur which make them unrealistic. 

Things to consider by Dogs:

Expect things that are possible so that you can achieve them. Don’t live in fantasy; real life is different from fantasy. If you could just control your sharp tongue and control harsh words you speak, then there are high hopes that you will become the most favorite person of all those people around you. Try to develop a character that is always in mood of working instead of working on your mood always. Be active for work, get rid of your laziness and always stay ready to work if you want success.

Years of the Dog


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