Chinese Zodiac Pig – Years, Compatibility, Calendar

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  • Sign: Pig
  • Trine: Fourth
  • Yin Yang: Yin
  • Fixed Element: Water
  • Highly Compatible: Rabbit, Sheep, Dog
  • No compatibility: Snake

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General Characteristics

Pig is the last of Chinese zodiac sign. They are most honest and purest among all. People associated with pig are very simple and have great strength. They are very brave and have courage and can take any task with great valor. Their strength of doing things makes them achievers. They are natural and original people. They are popular in their company because they are really nice. They are loyal and they love to make long lasting relationship. They know how to make others happy and help their friends at the hour of need. They open heartedly welcome their friend and also their problems. They sacrifice for others. They may sometimes appear as rough people but have pure heart inside. They are also very intellectual and seek knowledge. They have good taste in things and have awesome choice. They are very trendy and stylish. You will find their fashion up to date. They love to eat well. They often eat too much but this eating is very choosy. They have good taste buds. They only enjoy good food.


People who are born in pig year are very honest in every aspect of life. Whether it is working or relation, they are loyal.   They are frank and make friends easily. They are well mannered and well behaved people. They are optimistic and always seeking new opportunities. Although they get angered very quickly – they never start any argument or fight. They are kind to all and treat everyone very gently. They are true gentlemen.  They are tolerant and understanding. They are capable of understanding things and people. No matter how much difficult task they are provided with, they always find a way out.  Their bravery and increased stamina make them successful in every ground. They are not liar and also hate lying.


People born in pig year have many good qualities but also have some bad qualities. They trust anyone easily that hurt them very often. They think that world is as honest as they are. They easily get fool and believe what other says. Their sensitivity is their biggest weakness. They are loyal to others but not everyone is loyal with them that leave them with few good friends. They are although honest and purest but they are not very good at communicating. They don’t ask for help and often do things on their own that give them trouble. Even if you lend them hand for help, they will not accept it easily.

Things to consider by Pigs:

Being sensitive is good but being oversensitive can bring many problems. Try to balance your emotions. Help others but don’t neglect yourself. It is not wise to get in trouble for others always. Remember that not everyone is your friend. There are people who are dishonest also, don’t get hurt from their behavior. You love to help, it is good, but it is also not a problem to take help from others. You can also take help when you are in need. It is wise to get aid from someone experienced.

Years of the Pig


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