PISCES zodiac


Basic info: Place in Zodiac sign: 12th Date: 19 February-20 March Sign: Two fishes Element: Water Ruling Planet: Neptune Stone: Aquamarine About the sign Pisces sign is denoted by the two fishes swimming in different directions. It gives the meaning of two different energies which makes hard for Pisceans to make firm decision. Two fishes of Pisces represent the two … [Read more...]



Basic info: Place in Zodiac sign: 11th Date: January 20 -February 18 Sign: Water bearer Element: Air Ruling Planet: Uranus Stone: Amethyst About the Sign The Aquarius sign “water bearer” is about the new beginning towards life. When water washes away everything, it gives us a chance to take new step towards the betterment. “Water bearer” is about spreading the … [Read more...]


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  Place in Zodiac sign: 10th Date: December 22 - January 19 Sign: Goat Element: Earth Ruling Planet: Saturn Stone: Garnet   About the Sign   Sign of Capricorn is Goat. Goat is a symbol of stability. No matter how rough the mountain can become, goat will climb upward without falling because of its determination to reach the top. This is the same things with Capricorns. … [Read more...]



 Basic info: Place in Zodiac sign: 9th   Date: November 22 - December 21 Sign: Centaur Element: Fire Ruling Planet: Jupiter Stone: Turquoise About the Sign   Sagittarians are real life centaur. Sign of Sagittarius is a Centaur holding bow with an arrow in his hands and has definite aim. Centaur is the creatures having lower body of horse and upper body of man. … [Read more...]

SCORPIO zodiac


Basic info: Place in Zodiac sign: 8th Date: October 23 - November 21 Sign: Scorpion Element: Water Ruling Planet: Mars and Pluto Stone: Topaz About the sign Scorpio is represented by two signs, first is “Scorpion” and the second is “Eagle”. Scorpion is known for its fierceness while Eagle is taken as a bird with the vision. It’s up to the Scorpions that which path … [Read more...]